Carbofen NCX

Air Entraining Agent

Application Information

Carbofen NCX is a modified, saponified, and powdered natural resin.It has excellent Properties as a ready to use air entrainer for concrete and mortar sinceit allows the user to eliminate the processof neutralization.

Advantages of Carbofen NCX:

- Higher resistance to cracks caused by the freeze/thaw cycle

- Better chemical reistance to sulfate

- Improved workability in lean, harsh mixes and reduces bleeding

- Increses plasticity

- Reduces permability

- Extends longetivity of structures made with concrete & mortar.

Pkg. - 20 KG paper bags

Shipping Point:  FOB Houston TX, Dyersburg TN


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  • Application: Air-Entraining Agent/Emulsifier
  • Industry: Asphalt, Concrete
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Polytrade
  • Product: Additives