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H.L. Blachford Celebrates 100 Year Anniversary in 2021!

H.L. BlachfordH.L. Blachford Ltd. (Mississauga, ON) is celebrating its 100th anniversary!

In 1921, in Montreal, 25-year-old Henry Lloyd Blachford founded a sales agency for chemicals used in the rubber, paint and ink industries, including pigments, dyestuffs, carbon blacks for rubber and drying rolls.

100 years later, Blachford now has locations throughout the world producing and distributing a variety of products at plants in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Blachford’s products include; process aids, anti-tack slab dip, metallic stearates, acoustical materials, thermal materials, lubricants for wire drawing, corrosion protection, cleaners, metalworking products and fluid recycling service.



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