Tecknox® HP1010

CAS # 6683-19-8

FDA Approved 17.105 & 17.125

Application Information: Hindered Phenolic Antioxidant

Primary Antioxidant for long term shelf life & heat stability in adhesives, sealants, plastics, synthetic fibers, rubber, waxes, oils

Excellent compatibility with SIS, SBS, NR, Butyl, Polyolefins, EVA. Polyesters, PU, PVC, Polyacetals, rosin & hydrocarbon tacifiers

Pkg. -  55lb cartons


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  • Application: Anti-Oxidant
  • Industry: Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants, Plastics
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Teckrez
  • Product: Anti-Oxidants