Available only in New England & Mid-Atlantic States


Description: A polymeric ester blend, silicone-free surfactant suppliued in a liquid form to improve bubble release and reduce pigment floating of non-aqueous systems

Application Information: 

Effective in solvent based and other non-aqueous systems in which the surface tension-related problems such as foaming, bubble retention, bridging, and pigment floating are encountered

Typical applications include:

• Roller applied alkyd, urethane, and chlorinated rubber coatings

• Moisture curing urethanes

• Nitrocellulose, acrylic, and vinyl lacquers

• Two-component epoxy & urethane systems

• Baking alkyd, polyester, acrylic primers, and topcoats

• Polyester gel coats

• Solvent gravure and silk screening inks

• High-build thixotropic coatings

Pkg. -  35# pail, 95# drum, 400# drum

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Available only in New England & Mid-Atlantic States

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  • Application: Defoamer
  • Industry: Inks, Paint, Coatings
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Troy Corporation
  • Product: Defoaming Agent