Available only in New England & Mid-Atlantic States


Description: A general purpose polymeric pigment dispersant and wetting additive for non-aqueous systems. As a 70% active solution, TROYSPERSE CD1 promotes efficent pigment dispersion with improved gloss and color development.

Application Information: 

Allows the formulator to achieve high pigment loadings and fast pigment dispersion time in non-aqueous systems. Improves color uniformity and development and provides high inital gloss and improved gloss retention.

Typical applications include:

• Short, medium, and long alkyds

• Polyesters

• Urethanes

• Epoxies

• Acrylics

Pkg. -  40# pail, 99# drum, 420# drum, 1984# tote

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Available only in New England & Mid-Atlantic States

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  • Application: Dispersing Agent
  • Industry: Paint, Coatings
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Troy Corporation
  • Product: Dispersant