Corsol 500

Naphthenic oils are often used in non-lubrication or process applications. Rubber extenders, inks, explosives, and chemical carriers are but a few such uses. Naphthenic oils are often preferred because they provide stronger solvency characteristics than paraffinic oils. Cross Corsol Oils are specially refined to enhance solvency power. They are distinguished from the L-Series Oils by their lower Aniline Points. Corsol Oils meet many rubber company and ink manufacturer specifications in the USA and worldwide. Low viscosity grades are frequently chosen as carriers for chemicals and fuel or oil additives. 

General Oil Selection Guide (Elastomer type/Compatibility):

  • SBR – Good
  • CIS-Polybutadine – Good
  • EPDM – Excellent
  • Neoprene – Good
  • EPR – Good
  • Butyl – Good
  • Polyisoprene – Excellent
  • Natural Rubber – Good
  • Polyurethane – Good


Pkg. - 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, 275 gal totes, bulk


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  • Application: Extender and Modifier
  • Industry: Rubber, Adhesives & Sealants, Plastics
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Cross Oil Co.
  • Product: Naphthenic Oil