Calsol P910


Calsol P9 Series,Premium Paraffinic Process Oils

Calsol P9 Series are premium paraffinic process oils exhibiting excellent color and oxidation stability and very low volatility. Offered in a broad range of viscosities from 100 SUS @ 100°F to 2500 SUS @ 100°F, these oils can be customized to fit your application. It has been demonstrated that paraffinic oils with low aromatic content will reduce peroxide consumption in compounded EPDM. This results in better thermal stability and compression set characteristics. Calumet P9 Series process oils exhibit aromatic content values lower than commonly used process oils on the market today.



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  • Application: Extender and Modifier
  • Industry: Rubber
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Calumet
  • Product: Paraffinic Oil