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TOTM Plasticizer (Tris (2-Ethylhexyl) Trimellitate)

Appliance gaskets
Automotive interior
Flexible medical plastic
Flexible medical
Vinyl compounding
Vinyl products
Wire and cable insulation

TOTM Plasticizer is the ideal PVC plasticizer for use in applications where low volatility is of supreme importance. These applications include wire and cable insulation and interior automotive. TOTM has unique low migration properties and extraction resistance properties that are required for dishwasher gaskets, medical tubing and photograph storage. In some cases, TOTM is blended with other lower volatility plasticizers such as DUP or DOTP. TOTM can also be used as a plasticizer in nail polish lacquers. Its INCI (cosmetic ingredient) name is Triethylhexyl Trimellitate.

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  • Application: Process Aid, Additives
  • Industry: Rubber, Adhesives
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: KLJ Group
  • Product: Plasticizers