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Sundex 790 TN

Application Information: Aromatic Process Oil

The Sundex® aromatic rubber process oils are provide outstanding performance and potentially greater profits through their consistently high quality and unique properties.

The Sundex® grades offer the rubber industry several componding advantages. The higher aromatic leves(low aniline points) yiels maximum loading potential and reduced mixing times though increased compatibility. Yhe low wax levels reduce "blooming" and "building tack" problems in tire compounds.

The Sundex® grades are also excellent choices for use with SBR, Cis-Polybutadiene, Neoprene, Polyisoprene, and NR polymers

Compared to inferior oils, your benefits include:

1) Higher oil loadings

2) Lower pound/volume cost

3) Faster mixing times, higher yields

4) Better carbon black dispersion


Pkg. -  55 gal drums, 275 gal totes, bulk


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  • Application: Extender and Modifier
  • Industry: Rubber
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: HollyFrontier Specialty Products
  • Product: Aromatic Oil