Calsol 8120

Application Information: Naphthenic Process OIl



Pkg. - 5 gal pails, 55 gal drums, 275 gal totes, bulk


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Calsol 8 Series, High VGC Process Oils

Calsol 8 Series Oils exhibit the same high VGC level and low aniline points that the rubber industry considers optimum. They have been refined to a very low level of polar compounds at a high clay gel aromatics level as measured by ASTM Method D-2007. This provides excellent color stability without sacrificing elastomer compatibility and processing characteristics.

The typically low aniline points, high VGC levels and carbon type analysis of the Calsol Oils, have been aligned to current industry standards in order to assure optimum compatibility and performance in all the current elastomeric rubber applications. Note also that Calsol 8 oils, ranging in viscosity from 40 to 2400 SUS @ 100° F (3 to 450 cSt/40°C), exhibit the balance of properties that make them the preferred choice for non-rubber applications. For example: Resin extending, PVC, textiles, caulking compounds and other applications.






  • Application: Extender and Modifier
  • Industry: Rubber
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Calumet
  • Product: Naphthenic Oil