Novacite L-207A

CAS# 14808-60-7

Application: Filler for Adhesives, Coatings, Plastics, Rubber & Sealants

7 Micron Microcrystalline Silica

 Novacite® is a quartz silica unique in the extender/filler market.  Graded by micron size, the individual, unagglomerated particles tend toward a platey structure, which promotes superior leveling, meshing and wear-resistance in many performance applications.

Novacite® has the lowest published oil and water adsorbtion of any silica on the market today.  This, and its basic absence of sub-1 micron particles enable the formulator to achieve higher solid loading without higher viscosity.

Packaging : 50 lb bags, 50 bags per pallet.

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  • Application: Filler
  • Industry: Rubber, Adhesives,Plastics, Paint, Coatings
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: Malvern Minerals Company
  • Product: Microcrystalline Silica