Andisil 171


CAS # 2768-02-7

Application Information

The dual nature  of its reactivity, allows Andisil 171 to bind chemically to both inorganic materials(e.g. glass,metals, fillers), and organic polymers(e.g. thermosets, thermoplastics, elastomers), thus functioning as acrosslinking agent, adhesion promoter and/or surface modifier.

Provides superior elongation, flexibility, and spreading at the interface as a coupling agent.

Improves adhesion between glass, mineral and metal surfaces and aminoreactive resins.

Improves adhesion while maintaining good shelf stabilioty as an additive to waterborne systems.

Pkg. - 40 lb pails, 418 lb(net) drums
Shipping Point:  FOB Waukegan, IL
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  • Application: Coupling Agent
  • Industry: Adhesives, Paint & Coatings, Rubber
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: AB Silicones
  • Product: Silanes