Andisil 1120

Aminoethylaminopropyltrimethoxysilane, technical grade  

CAS # 1760-24-3

Application Information

Diamine functional silane used as a coupling agent providing superior elongation, fexibility and spreading at the interface of polymers.

Used to promote adhesion between resins that react with amino groups and the surfaces of glass, mineral, metal, etc.

Suitable polymers: Butyl, Polyurethane(2K), Cellulosis, PVB, Epoxy, Silyated Polyether, Silyated Polyurethane, Nulamine, Silicone, Nitrocellulose, Polyamide, Polyether etc.

Pkg. - 40 lb pails, 440 lb(net) drums
Shipping Point:  FOB Waukegan, IL
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  • Application: Coupling Agent
  • Industry: Adhesives, Paint & Coatings, Sealants
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: AB Silicones
  • Product: Silanes