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Msol is a mix of para-menthadienes and other Terpene Hydrocarbons, finds many uses, singularly as an excellent solvent as-well-as being both solvent and surfactant when employed in the manufacture of many, both common and specialized types and kinds of commercial type metal cleaning and degreasing products. Its excellent compatibility with materials such as fatty acids, alcohols, numerous saponification agents such as triethanolamine, and inorganic oxides along with numerous soaps.

Applications: Surfactant, Solvent for Cleaners & Soaps


Pkg. - 391 lb/drum, 4 drums per pallet

Shipping Point:  Elizabeth NJ


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  • Application: Surfactant
  • Industry: Cleaners, Soaps
  • Manufacturer/Supplier: T and R Chemicals Inc.
  • Product: Solvents
  • Price: $1.72 Per Pound
  • Quantity Available: -6