IMPORTANT: COVID-19 Statement for our Customers

To: All Customers

As the concerns and global impact concerning the rise of the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus), we would like you to be aware of our current preparations.

Our Employees:

There is no noticeable impact on our operation at any of our locations. We are observing the typical, universal precautions observed for flu and cold season. We also shared with our employees a CBC News video providing general guidelines of what the virus is, measures to prevent self-infection and the value of good hygiene (frequent hand washing, not placing hands near one’s face, and proper behavior for sneezing and coughing). We have communicated our policy to our employees to monitor their own health and if the initial signs of the virus are present, to seek immediate medical attention and to self-quarantine. RE Carroll continues to monitor and implement where possible CDC guidelines.

Our Vendors / Suppliers:

Our petroleum based materials are primarily sourced domestically and to date there have been no COVID-19 related supply or workforce issues. The remaining materials may be either domestic or foreign sourced. We continue to monitor our key suppliers and will advise customers if we begin to see concerns that would affect supply.

Our Customers:

If there are scheduling adjustments or concerns, which need to be addressed, please contact us and we will respond to the best of our ability.

If we have supply issues, which may affect your shipments, we will reach out to you in advance to review.

As conditions change, this posting will be updated.

Please contact your Technical Sales Representative if you have additional questions on this matter.

John Boruta
QA/Compliance Manager