Product Catalog

Product Catalog

R.E. Carroll Product Index

Being a dependable source of supply is essential to our customers. For more than 70 years, R.E. Carroll has represented major manufacturers of advanced process materials.

These raw materials and chemicals are required by our customers in order to produce the finest quality products to the rubber, latex, plastic, ink, paint, coatings, ceramic, adhesive and sealant industries.



Click the links below to view R.E. Carroll products grouped by the Industries in which they are used.  If you are not sure of the Industry, you can browse by Application or Product Category.

Adhesives, Sealants Agriculture Asphalt
Ceramics Cleaners, Soaps Composites
Concrete Cosmetics Electrical
Food and Flavor Ingredients Fragrance General Industrial and Automotive Products
Glass HI&I Household, Industrial & Institutional Inks
Metalworking Paint, Coatings Personal Care Products
Plastics Printing, Inks Rubber
Textile Water Treatment Wire and Cable



Accelerator Acid Neutralizer and Stabilizer Activator
Additive Adhesion Promoter Air-Entraining Agent/Emulsifier
Anti-Checking, Anti-oxidant Anti-Corrosive Anti-Microbial
Anti-oxidant Anti-Scorch/Retarder Anti-Static
Anti-Tack Asphalt Modifier ASTM Reference Oil
Binder Blowing Agents Catalyst
Chemical Foaming Agent Compressor Oil Coolant, Insulator
Coupling Agent Curing Agent Defoamer
Depilatory Wax Diluent, Carrier Dispersing Agent
Disproportionated Gum Rosin Dusting Agent, Process Aid Emollient
Emuslifier Engine Oil Essential Oil
Ethylene Scavenger Extender and Modifier Fabric Softener
Filler Filler, Pigment Flame Retardant
Flavorant Flavorant, Solvent Flow Agent
Foam Booster/Stabilizer Foaming Agent Fumaric Resin
Gear Oils, Gear Compounds Glycerol Ester Greases
Impact Modifier Internal Lubricant, Slip Agent Lube, Hydraulic Oils
Lubricant Maleic Resin Moisture Control
Odor Control Odorants Optical Brightner
Oxo Biodegradable Pentaesters Pentamaleic Resin
Pesticide Pigment Plasticizer
Polymers Process Aid, Additives Refrigeration Oil
Reinforcing Filler Release Agent Rheology Control
Rheology Modifier Scavenging Agent Slip, Antiblock
Solvent Stabilizer Surfactant
Tackifying Resin Thickening Agent Transformers
Transmission Fluids UV Stabilizer Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor
Viscosity Modifier Vulcanizing Agent Water Resistance
Way Lubricants Wetting Agent  


Product Category

6PPD Additives Alumina Trihydrate
Anti-Microbial Agents Anti-oxidants Anti-Tack Agent
Aromatic Oil ASTM Reference Oils Attapulgite Clay
Automotive, Industrial Lubricants Barium Sulfate Bio-Based Solvent
Biodegradable Black Oil Blowing Agent
Calcium Carbonate Castor Oil Cellulose Ether
Cetyl Alcohol Chemical Foaming Agents Chlorinated Paraffin
Chlorinated Paraffin Wax Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE) Coalescing Agent
Compatilizer Crystal Curatives
Defoaming Agent Descicants Dispersion
Electrical Oils EPDM Epoxidized Soybean Oil
eSBR Essential Oils Ethoxylates
Ethylene Scavengers Fatty Acid Feldspar - Potash
Flame Retardants Flavorants Flavorants, Fragrance, Solvents
Fragrances Gilsonites Granule
Gum Rosin Gum Rosin Esters Hydrocarbon Resins
Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin Hydrophilic Fumed Silica Hydrophobic Fumed Silica
Industrial Oils Intermediates Iron Oxide
Kaolin Clay Magnesium Carbonate Magnesium Hydroxide
Magnesium Oxide Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Metalworking Oils
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Peroxide Mica Microcrystalline Silica
Mold Release Muscovite Mica Naphthenic Oil
Nepheline Syenite Nitrile Non-Phthalate Plasticizers
Odor Control Agents Odorant Oleic Acid
Optical Brightners Organic Peroxides Organic Pigments
Organo Clay Paraffinic Oil Pesticidial Oils
Petrolatum Pine Oil Plasticizers
Polyethylene Glycol Polymers Powders
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate Precipitated Silica Process Aid
Purge Compounds Redispersable Polymer Powder Refrigeration Oils
Reinforcement Rosin Ester Rosin Maleic
Rubber Accelerator Silanes Silicone Products
Slip, Antiblock Agents Solvents Soybean Oil
Stearates Stearic Acid Stearyl Alcohol
Sulfur Surfactants Surfactants(Amine Oxides)
Surfactants(Betaines) Surfactants(Quats) Surfactants(Sultaines)
Talc Titanium Dioxide Transfomer Oils
UV Stabilizers Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors Vegetable Based Oils
Wax White Oil Wood Rosin Ester
Zinc Dust Zinc Oxide  


Trade Name

76 Extra Duty Gear Lube 76 Refrigeration Oil 76 T5X HD Oil
76 Turbine Oil 76 UNAX 76 Way Oil HD
Abietin Agri-Pure Albacar
Aluminum Stearate Amberyl Andisil
ASTM Barium Stearate Barytes
Bayferrox Bentogel Bentonite
Blanca Britol Bromo Butyl
Butyl C5 Hydrocarbon Resin C9 Hydrocarbon Resin
Calcium Stearate Calight Calprint
Calsol CaraPol Carbofen
CastleCarb Celocell Celogen
Cel-Span Chemlube Chloro Butyl
Conopure Corsol CP
CPE Crosstrans CT
DakotaPure DEP DIDP
DINP DOP Dover(Clay)
Dyna-Life Ebonite EC
Elatur Emery® Emulprene
ExCal EZR Feonox
Fluxbond Gaia Element GFP
Gilsonite Selects GP GPR
Grade Guardol QLT Harmonite
Harmonite Plus HILITE Hi-Point
HITEX Hjsil Hydraulic, Tractor Fluid
Hydrocal Hydrolene Hyprene
Hystrene INDRAWAX Industrene
IRM Kanatol Kemox
KINOX Kite Konasil
Linkwell Lithium Stearate MAGCHEM
Magnesium Stearate Magox Marblewhite
Marfil Mascol Masester
Megaplex Meghafast Microwate
Mikrofine Min-U-Gel Motorlube
MSOL Multiplex Newsil
Novacite OE Omniguard
Paracril Paraflex HT Polyfill
Powdermate® Quick Set Raffex
RC Recco Recco Cut
RECCOCEL Redipol Resigum
Resin Resinall Rexamida
Rexapon RubbaNite Rubber Chemicals
Rubber Lub Rubber makers Sericron
Sierra Wax Snobrite Sodium Stearate
Soybean Oil - Tech Grade StarQuat StarSoft
StarSurf Suncoat Sundex
Suniso Sunpar Sunsine
Sunspray Sun-Tack Super ATF
Swanee SXChem TDM
Tecknox Teckros Teresstic
Thanox Thasorb Tionox
Unoba UP Valaro
VertecBio Vicron Vikoflex
Way Oil Zeosil Zinc Sterate



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Phillips 76 Lubricants Phoenix Plastics L.P. PMC Biogenix
Polimeros Sinteticos Polytrade Premier Magnesia
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